25 Jun 2019

My Carpet Looks Dingy After Professional Cleaning

There is several reasons that cause dingy or dull looking carpets. Dirt & soils in the carpet contain huge amounts of grit. Grit can be compared to a microscopic rock with several jagged, sharp cutting edges. With family walking through the home or traffic from employees & customer's walking on...

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06 May 2019


Over the years, we've heard several stories from customers who have been disappointed hiring a carpet cleaning company that didn't produce the results that they promised. It can be very frustrating to spend your hard earned money on a company that cant deliver what they promise & you as a...

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23 May 2018

The Chewing Gum Dilemma

We’ve all had this happen.   Walking along and enjoying the day and we notice a bit of stickiness underfoot.   We stop, awkwardly lift the affected foot and inspect the bottom of our shoe. Yep, there it is. A glob of chewing gum. It has attached itself and has seemed to...

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27 Mar 2018

Benefits Of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Having a clean home is one of the ways one can relax after a long day at work. It is difficult to enjoy a moment in your house if you have dirty carpets and while you can rent equipment to clean, it is never quite the same if you have...

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