There is several reasons that cause dingy or dull looking carpets.

Dirt & soils in the carpet contain huge amounts of grit. Grit can be compared to a microscopic rock with several jagged, sharp cutting edges. With family walking through the home or traffic from employees & customer’s walking on soiled carpet creates a sandpaper effect on the fibers. The grit scratches & gouges the carpet fibers polished, smooth finish. Just wearing indoor shoes can create a sandpaper effect; whether soiled or clean the soles of the shoes can have a similar out come on the carpet fibers. After the grit has cut & scratched the carpet fibers, the carpet fiber can no longer reflect light rays as well which results in a gray dull appearance. The damage created by abrasive wear is permanent & no matter how many times you clean the carpet it won’t remove it.

This is why it’s recommended to have your carpet professionally cleaned every six months or at least once a year. this will help prevent your carpet from getting damaged so quickly, prolonging the life of your carpet & protecting your investment.