Maybe you have purchased a home or you decided to have tile and grout installed throughout or in just parts of your home. You have to realize that, while grout is a small feature of tile floors, counter tops or showers, it is crucial to keep it clean or you will most likely be unhappy with the look of your tile. Grout that is stained with ground in dirt will have an impact on the entire look of your house.


If your grout is already dirty, soiled & stained you will discover mopping, home cleaners and most grout cleaning products you buy at a store will not help. But do not lose hope, there is a cleaning process that works extremely well combining heat, specialized cleaning solutions & vacuum power that will remove dirt and contaminants. This type of tile and grout cleaning can be performed by finding a professional cleaning company such as Advanced Carpet Cleaning with specialized equipment & professional cleaning solutions to correctly address the problems of your floor needs.
Many might be nervous that this cleaning process may cost hundreds & hundreds of dollars but honestly the cost is relatively reasonable.

Advanced Carpet Cleaning would be more than happy to come out to your home or business & give you an estimate free of charge. We will also explain the cleaning process used & guaranteed satisfaction. Once you have the professionals remove the dirt and grime out of your grout lines and off the surface of your tile making your floors look new again there are some easy ways to maintain the look. we recommend having your tile and grout professionally cleaned at least once a year. It is also very helpful choosing the right grout when having your floors installed. choosing the right grout can make a huge impact on the future look and life of your tile floors and how easily the grout stains. Grout that is not sanded  is smooth when dry and is a standard, cement based material that is most commonly used with the majority of wall tiles & tiles that have a straight clean edge. Grout that is not sanded comes in all colors & can have sealer added to help prevent staining & wear and tear.

Sanded grout is also a cement based product. This type of grout is stronger because grains of sand are added to provide more strength & fill larger joints. Sand grout is always used with glass tiles & is also available in many colors. Epoxy grout is extremely stain resistant. It’s made with resins instead of water & a two part chemical process is used to make a flexible, thick grout that is naturally stain resistant. Epoxy grout can be very difficult to install but is a great option to protect your grout making your floors look nice as well.

Advanced Carpet Cleaning has been in the floor cleaning industry for well over 25 years. Let us help you with all your residential & commercial floor cleaning needs. Call us today for a free estimate to have your tile & grout cleaned, carpet cleaned, upholstery cleaned or we can even strip and wax your commercial vinyl tile floors or clean & seal your hardwood floors. We are a family owned company and we take great pride in the cleaning services we provide at a reasonable price.