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A professionally maintained floor gives a business facility an appealing appearance and impresses the clients. Regular maintenance ensures that you protect your investment by avoiding costly repairs without which the level become dull, discolored or even scratched. Stripping and waxing are used mostly on the vinyl composition tile also known as the VCT flooring. The process involves getting rid of the previous wax then applying a new layer of wax to provide the surfaces the luster, shine, and cleanliness it deserves. Of course, this depends on the level of traffic your floor has a busy floor needs to have maintenance done every six months.With your floors, well-maintained one can prevent scratches. A regular maintenance schedule will ensure that the floor remains smooth.

One is also able to prevent the staining and discoloration that eventually causes the floor to look dull. Dirt, fragments and the wearing down of protective floor covering will be stopped before it causes excessive damage.
When your floors are stripped and waxed regularly, your floors are memorable due to the shine and clean surface they will always have. It also makes it easy for the cleaning crew to do their job.
When the protective coating wears off, tiles are helpless to components like debris and water. If water leaks into the cracks between the tiles, the glue becomes saturated and therefore can no longer hold on to the underlying floor, causing the tiles to lift.

With a professional team working to maintain your floor often you will have peace of mind knowing that you have professionals working on your investment. A well-maintained floor helps in maintaining a healthy and germ-free environment for your family and those that you have employed. It is more expensive to replace a floor than have it cleaned professionally.

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Read Our Reviews See Our Work Call: 870-340-2202 Free Quote