25 Jun 2019

My Carpet Looks Dingy After Professional Cleaning

There is several reasons that cause dingy or dull looking carpets. Dirt & soils in the carpet contain huge amounts of grit. Grit can be compared to a microscopic rock with several jagged, sharp cutting edges. With family walking through the home or traffic from employees & customer's walking on...

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06 May 2019


Over the years, we've heard several stories from customers who have been disappointed hiring a carpet cleaning company that didn't produce the results that they promised. It can be very frustrating to spend your hard earned money on a company that cant deliver what they promise & you as a...

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23 May 2018

The Chewing Gum Dilemma

We’ve all had this happen.   Walking along and enjoying the day and we notice a bit of stickiness underfoot.   We stop, awkwardly lift the affected foot and inspect the bottom of our shoe. Yep, there it is. A glob of chewing gum. It has attached itself and has seemed to...

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27 Mar 2018

Benefits Of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Having a clean home is one of the ways one can relax after a long day at work. It is difficult to enjoy a moment in your house if you have dirty carpets and while you can rent equipment to clean, it is never quite the same if you have...

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26 Nov 2017

Safe Spotting Tips

It’s that time of year when you start planning for family and friends to visit and, since you are hospitable, you start thinking of all the delicious meals, snacks and beverages you will serve them when they arrive. Despite the very best attempts of you and your guests to keep...

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23 Aug 2017

Pet Urine Removal 101

Phew! What is that smell? You might have uttered those words a few times, and when it happens, it is often from pet urine in carpet or perhaps some clothing attacked by a baby or toddler. When left untreated, many problems can arise, the most noticeable being by the nose. With...

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07 Feb 2017

Rental & Apartment Carpet Cleaning

Owning multiple houses in Jonesboro & Wynne, Arkansas is a wise decision & investment in todays growing real estate market. If your able to purchase home's or commercial buildings as rental properties and maintain them, renting them out to people will help pay the mortgage & put a little money...

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08 Jan 2017

Choosing The Right Carpet Cleaning Products

Detergents, Soaps and More When it comes to your home, you usually have two prime, important goals in mind: Keep your home clean and keep your homehealthy. Family is important to you. To do that, it takes a lot of thought. Not about your cleaning technique… but about theproducts you choose to do...

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10 Jul 2015

Thing To Consider With Upholstery Cleaning

When your love seat, sofa, recliner or sectional starts to look dingy, you might want to consider having your upholstery professionally cleaned. Prior to hiring a professional upholstery cleaner you should consider a few questions. First consider what type of soil is on your furniture. Grease, dirt, food & pet...

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