Many in the areas we service such as Brookland, Pocahontas, Jonesboro & Wynne,Arkansas may reason that getting their upholstery professionally cleaned twice a year or at least once a year is a waste of time & money, it is not.

Having your upholstery cleaned regularly will maintain the appearance of your furniture, which will help your upholstery last for a longer period of time. By having your upholstery cleaned regularly will also prevent bacteria from building which can create unpleasant odors & can also cause illness to your family members. Having your upholstery professionally cleaned will kill the Bactria.

Also by using a professional to clean your upholstery, you are improving the air quality in your home. Especially if some of your family members happen to be pets. The cleaning equipment & cleaning solutions used by a professional company will help rid dust, mildew & other allergens, keeping your family breathing healthy.